Hi darlings!

As I woke this morning to the fresh and ever satisfying smell of good old cheese on toast and homemade tropical fruit smoothie, it dawned on me that indeed summer had arrived. So I decided to share my summer skincare essentials with you all because like our darlings at  L'Oreal  Paris would say: "you're worth it". So snuggle up darlings its showtime!

Summer is the period when we like to feel lightest and unlike in winter can not even risk to start or end the day with impurities on our skin which is why I swear by simple kind to skin foaming cleanser Boots £4.49 which feels as light as water with skin loving minerals and vitamins that make you fall back in love with your skin. My skin has come so far with this remarkable product and I recommend it.

What would we do without moisturizer? 
My moisturizer is the E45 intense recovery lotion Boots 5.99. This is magic! I don't know a better way to describe it other than that, it makes my very dry skin look healthier and smooth. It is also perfume free which means I can not have an allergic reaction to it, making it even more suited to my sensitive skin. I think it is just perfection and know without a doubt that I cannot do without it this summer.

Summer is the season where most people wear less make-up and if you are anything like me this means frequently dried lips and trust me when I tell you chapped lips are sooooo not in trend. My lip saviour is the E45 lipcare Boots £2.49. It is remarkable and instantly transforms even the most dilapitated lips (trust me I would know) to luscious kissable Angelina Jolie lips. I advise you to never leave the house without it...NEVER!

This is a bit is summer. Nonetheless it is still one of, if not the most essential item on my list. Most young people feel that sun protection\screen is uneccessary when you are not on the beach or under intensive light, they couldn't be more wrong. Also a large number of people feel darker skin shades do not need sunscreen: WRONG! Darker skin shades do need sunscreen (I have a dark skin tone) although they are unlikely to get sun burnt because of the melanin they contain in their skin but the sun make skin age and gives dark spots ( that is never a good thing). To protect myself I use No7 anti-dark spot facial sun protection Boots £12.00 .I highly recommend this it reduces the damage on skin, helps skin look young and it can be worn under make-up! I genuinely have no clue what state my skin would be in, if not for this product.

                                                 5.HYDRATION BOOST

Two words: God sent!
I have literally the driest skin ever and this works like magic, with this my skin wakes up instantly and feels so revitalized. It can be used if you need to get something done quickly in the morning but don't want to look like a zombie( I only speak from experience) or if you've been exposed to the weather all day and need a little hydration boost. With as little as three splashes your skin will thank you! Mine does! You can get the simple kind to skin moisture boost hydro mist at Boots for£5.99. I used this a lot during my exams and it make me look human and I can guarantee you that alone makes this product an award winner.

The Victoria's secret  such a flirt is the perfect smellie for the season it is a faint summer essential with star fruit and water orchid infused with chamomile and Aloe Vera which give it a pastoral feel that summer ignites in us making it simply ideal! Victoria never ceases to deliver.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing this. Don't feel compelled to to purchase any of these products because that would defeat my aim  which is to share and suggest. Please feel free to leave suggestions of your summer essentials for me I would love to try them and also feel free to comment and suggest blogs you like and inspire you so I can check them out and if you like this please follow this blog to know when I upload. Sorry for this excessively long note, love you though.

Stay beautiful because you can loads of love crazy jay xxx

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