Sweater weather


Hi darlings,

Autumn is my absolute favourite season! It is just so beautiful I don't think words will even be enough to quantify the love I possess for this season. There is just something about the beauty of watching falling leaves, lying in cozy warm sweaters, watching old movies, listening to your all time fall favourite playlist and drinking mug after mug of pumpkin spiced lattes or delicious marshmallow filled hot chocolates. 
Just perfect!


Likewise, autumn fashion is something I look forward to almost all year round. Autumn brings: beanies, over sized coats, knee high wool socks and my personal love: boots! The autumnal scenery is just icing on an already perfect cake. As weird as this may seem regardless of the cold I adore being outdoors at this time because it is simply picturesque; the pathways lined with amber coloured leaves, the ever changing colours that outline the perfect sky. I simply love Autumn.  

Feel free to tell me your favourite season and why.

Stay inspired and beautiful this autumn because you can, loads of love Jasmine xxx

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