Hi darlings, 

I tend  of contradict myself, I mean who doesn't? Although I have made it a habit, not consciously of course. I'll explain: my last fashion post was about embracing colour and making an attempt to wear more colourful pieces.
Has that been successful? Evidently not (take a look at the pictures) I mean I will admit once I made myself that promise I went out of my way to wear colourful clothes for a couple of days and sure I felt good about myself, proud  of how I had kept my promise.

All that went down the drain when my exams begun because for the first time in my life I used clothes as necessities rather than  a form of self expression - basically I looked like a hobo, a lanky sleep-deprived hobo, ( *holds hand* it was a sad time) 
Anyway, it doesn't really help that most classic pieces come in variations of black like this beautiful jumpsuit. Lets be honest would you wear thisit if it came in pink and orange?
I wouldn't either.

Do you see my dilemma? I could easily wear black every single day and not go out of my comfort zone or experiment with colour and risk looking like a clown #thestruggleisreal

SHOES- tk-maxx

                                 Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

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