Hi darlings,
I have not done a minute in a while, honestly I have only done one minute ever. That is so bad! I guess I am just scared that I might bore you so I try to just stick to business. Anyway, I have decided to divide this post into sections, so if you are not particularly keen on a topic you can just move on to something else that interests you, that is only fair right? 

So let's get started!

I don't think my style can ever be categorised because I'm still developing and every aspect of my life influences what I choose to wear. It might be that my love for ripped jeans is a juxtaposition of my occasional need to be introverted or that it simply represents my open mindedness ( you catch my drift, this is getting too deep) 

However, I have discovered my penchant for denim. I subconsciously incorporate denim into everything I wear. I only discovered this from looking at my Instagram account (@unefillemorderne
I don't think there is much more I can say about my style evolution and I would much rather show you.

In addition, I have discovered make up! I know I am 4 years late but better late than never right? I have started using  a BB cream which I absolutely love and I even tried on a mascara ( we've got a love/hate thing going on ) I still prefer going barefaced simply because no effort is required but let's be real some days require a little more and that's what make up does for me. 

I have completely messed up gym pattern so I'm trying to get that back into it without putting strain in myself. However, I have become more observant of my food and I am no longer worrying too much about calories but now I am concerned about nutrition and making  sure I get what I need daily and it has helped me greatly. And lastly I am now a  smoothie girl! I have a one every morning (thank you mama!) and it has helped me so much: my skin, hair and diet. I'm hooked! 

L I F E ( in general

At the moment there is quite a bit  going on and I am learning a lot about myself and trying to be the best I can be in everything I'm doing. I am also learning to be content with myself because true happiness comes from contentment.
On the fun side, I have discovered the self timer button in my camera so I can now take pictures of myself by myself (that sounded a lot less conceited in my head) My friends will be overjoyed by this news since they are my forced photographers #sorryguys
So there will hopefully be more style posts now not just every once in a blue moon.
 Well that's all folks and until next post 

Shirt- misguided
Jeans- Zara 

Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

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