Hi darlings!
Recently I have become a massive fan of power walking. I first heard of this while watching Made in Chelsea and I laughed at the prospect, I thought either go for a walk or just run, you know?

However, my mum wanted to try it out, so I figured why not? It is exercise after all. So we went out on a power walk. One word: *in sing song voice* Amazing! I absolutely love it  and I am now addicted and here are 5 reasons why you should be too:

1) As stated before it is exercise so you are burning calories really easily if I may add.

2) It is the best time to catch up! Have you ever heard the saying: " friends who work out together stay together" ok, maybe it isn't an actual saying but you catch my drift. What better excuse is there for a catch up session? So go on grab some friends and have some fun!

3) It is the perfect way to get into a fitness routine. I know a lot of people who want to get fit but are not exactly ready to just walk into a gym. Let's face it, gyms aren't the friendliest environment with everyone looking fit and people lifting weights twice their size. It's a bit scary but with power walking it's just you or you and some friends going out for a fast paced stroll.

4) It is relaxing, going on a power walk can be all you need to clear your head and keep you in a good frame of mind. 

5) It can be a way to discover something new, walking can be such an awesome way to discover beautiful things around you. So get walking!

Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

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  1. I'm going to try this. I'll REALLY try. Not jokingg XD

    Your blog is so fun, btw! Love itt <3

    1. Lol, well done I'm proud of you XD you really should it is awesome. Thank you for reading! <3 <3