Hi darlings,
I love getting my nails done but between studying, my internships and having a social life (big surprise there) there is never really any time left. I could always get a gel manicure which will last for weeks but then I'd get bored and practically scrape the polish out. So majority of the time I do it myself.

However, that results to one problem we DIY polishers are all to familiar with: chipping. It is annoying isn't it? I mean polish your nail this second, the next second there is a mighty big chip on it, then another and another (you get the gist) 

I have discovered a way to prevent us from ever re polishing our nails twice in one week and it is simply : nail art! What I do is I polish over the area that has been chipped but I don't start from the base I start from about half way and apply a top-coat to seal in the new colour as seen below:

If the new layer chips before you are ready, slap on another layer (I recommend stopping at 3 though) 
This is a tip that has come in handy for me and I hope it is for you too. So say goodbye to chipped nails and two manicures in a week forever! 

Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

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