Hi darlings,

Summer, summer! Summer!!
I love summer (if you didn't get that already) I really do. Growing up in Nigeria it was summer everyday - literally and I guess I took this for granted. I mean come on you would too with 30 degrees Celsius Every. Single. Day.

However, my ungrateful behaviour has come back to bite my behind. I now live in the UK (London ) which makes summer so precious because a good summers day is a rare occurrence. This means you need as little baggage when enjoying picnics and countless sight seeing. This means my bag needs to be as tiny as possible, so just essentials. 
Here is what made the cut!

1) Money purse- Logging a wallet around seriously isn't worth the hassle. So I keep all my money and cards in here, keeping it simple.

2) My Oyster card - I do live in London after all .

3) My keys - Another obvious choice but no one enjoys being locked out *shrugs* #notevengoingtoapologise

4) Chewing gum - I always have some on me! The last thing you want to worry about when you are out having fun is bad  breath.

5) Blotting sheets - These things are life savers! I'm not too keen on make up so you'll never catch me going into the toilet to "touch up my powder" nope never. That usually means that my face is left looking oily but not since I discovered these babies! Oil gone in one swipe like magic!

6) Lip care - You'll never catch me without a lip balm, lipstick and lipgloss. They brighten my face instantly and a great for other parts of your face not just your lips. In the picture I have my trustee baby lips by Maybeline, Clarins instant light natural lip perfector and Rimmel london's Kate lipstick in 28.

7) Sunscreen - I do not go out without this. I always protect my skin no matter how long or short I'll be out for. I am currently using this Dermalogica sunscreen which is just amazing. It offers amazing protection for the whole body. This means I never need to carry more than one sunscreen which I love.

So there you have it, things I never leavehe without. What are yours?

Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x 

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