Hi darlings,
Today I planned on doing a nice little post about visiting a lovely new place with friends and having scrap book worthy fun. There are pictures of me smiling, laughing and making silly faces, It shows happiness. If I posted it would be a juxtaposition of the emotions I feel at this point.

I fear for humanity.

I do. Humans are fundamentally equal but when we decide to allow little difference as skin, beliefs and choices cloud our judgment we feel we have the power over others and our pride gives us some false authority to take other peoples lives, rob families of loved ones and happiness. At that point we cease to be worthy of the tittle humans because we have lost that one thing that connects us all: love.

Just as I was about to overcome the horrid events that had taken place in Paris and Beirut ( Lebanon ) last night my entire evening was destroyed by the news that Yobe and Yola in  Nigeria had been attacked. I am Nigerian and I have family in one of those states and there is nothing as terrifying as the chance of loosing someone you love. It is difficult enough to lose someone through natural causes but even harder when you know it could have been avoided. So I implore to not just #prayforparis, #prayforlebanon  or #prayfornigeria but for the world, for humanity and most importantly that we do not loose it.

An illustration of Nigerian women praying

Here is a poem I have been reading about peace, I hope you like it.
I Many Times Thought Peace Had Come - Poem by Emily Dickinson
I many times thought Peace had come
When Peace was far away—
As Wrecked Men—deem they sight the Land—
At Centre of the Sea—

And struggle slacker—but to prove
As hopelessly as I—
How many the fictitious Shores—
Before the Harbor be—                         
Stay beautiful because you can and please pray for the world, Jasmine x

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