Gcse results


    Hi darlings!

This definitely has to be my most uncomfortable post so far but there is a message that needs to be transmitted (OMG! I even sound awkward when I'm typing). I would also like to say I am not bragging or trying to be disrespectful in any way. With that said lets get on to business *insert awkward smile and thumbs up* 

So on the 21st of August I got my GCSE results.For those of you who don't live in the UK, it is an exam you sit when you are 16 and it determines what 6th form you go to and that determines what university you go to...yeah its a pretty big deal. 
Well I got 7A's and 4B'S. When I got my results I wasn't happy (don't judge me yet, there is more) because I  worked extremely hard and I mean "already studying 6 months before my exams hard" but then I realized I was being ungrateful because everyone around me was proud. I then became proud of what I had achieved because when I moved to London two years ago, I was put in the lowest academic sets because no one thought I was intelligent enough and I was predicted D's and at most C's. It hurt. I cried.  I stood up and did something about it!  With the help of the most amazing teachers ever! In the next five months I was in top sets for all subjects where I was predicted A's. What I'm trying to say is the fact that people tell you, you can't do something doesn't mean you have to believe them. Fight for what you know you deserve and you'll get it! It might not be perfect but nothing in life really is so NEVER GIVE UP!!!!! If you are about to do anything big in your life right now and you feel discouraged don't  be, it might take time, patience and work but YOU CAN DO IT! 
Now that I think about it I have so much to be grateful for and I feel horrible for not realizing it sooner, now that I have I'm grateful to God, family, friends, teachers and you! Without you I would have no one to share this with and being able to share this means the world to me!Thank ;)

Stay strong because you can do it loads of love, crazy jay xxx

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  1. Those are fantastic results! I didn't get all those A's in my GCSEs! You should be proud & this is a great message to share with others, especially those who are feeling a bit pessimistic about school. Great post! :)


  2. Thank you! You made my week! Thanks for reading xx❤