Lets get healthy


Hi darlings,

 Quick healthy delicious breakfast!

All you beautiful people in my life. I am so happy to be with you again! You have probably realised that recently I've been obsessed with food and most of my posts have been centered around that and you guessed it! I've got even more food but at least its healthy so you can look and feel even more gorgeous, you are welcome *insert winky face*

All you will need to make your delicious breakfast is 

2 hand fulls of granola

A sliced up banana 

           A hand full of dried fruits 

 Some natural fat free yogurt


Layer the ingredients as follows 
yogurt (a table spoon)
dried fruit 

Continue the process until satisfied and you'll have your healthy, delicious and easy to make ready to go breakfast. 

Stay healthy because you can, loads of love Crazy jay xxx

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