Merry Christmas in arrières darlings,


How was Christmas?
Hope you all had an amazing time!
Now darlings, I hope after your Christmas dinner you went straight to your ipads, phones, notebooks or pcs because the biggest sale of the year is on, well as at now has been on for 2 days.
My biggest bets are on H&M, Accesorize, Debenhams, Boots and of course my darling Zara. 

Now we are done with the good stuff lets get to the not so fun but necessary stuff. This is the time where we begin to reminisce over the past year: the good, the bad and the ugly. Then we begin to make lists of things we want to change about ourselves a.k.a new year resolutions and I mean there is nothing wrong with having them but just the idea that we have to wait till a new year to change the not so good about ourselves. Ideally what I'm trying to say is that just as we see a new year as a new beginning  we should also see each day as a perfect time to right the wrongs in our lives. I know this conversation isn't like our usual but 2015 will be here in 4 days so it had to happen. 

Stay beautiful because you can, loads of love Jasmine x

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