Hi darlings! 
It's a new year and I'm very excited as seen in the photo above and before I fully launch into #unefillemorderne mode, I'd like to stop for a minute and have a chat with you all.
Coming into 2015 there was one thing at the forefront of my mind and it was true happiness. Every one makes decisions every new year and they plan to follow them through, some do, some don't but the reason we make those decisions is because we ultimately want happiness and come up with these (re)solutions which we think will guarantee us this. 

However this year I am and implore you all to skip the unnecessary and aim directly at want you want in life and get it. Don't allow negativity in any form hinder you, stay positive yourself and do unto others what you want done to you. Smile on days when it seems hardest, meditate/pray to develop and inner peace. Develop a deeper love for yourself and know who you really are not what you are supposed to be. Love and be kind and I hope you find everlasting happiness this year. 

I apologise for the cheesiness but as always:

Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

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