Hi darlings, 
I'm sorry this post is a bit late but I had to do some extra work while creating this, I had to make a mood board to show you where all my inspiration was drawn from and can I just say, it is quite difficult to make a mood board and although this might not look it, there was a lot of work put into this.  Apologies aside, I am here to update you my friends on why you should want a headband as one of your staple accessories. 
This 90's favourite has more of an empowering feel to it than we give it credit for. It is not uncommon to be judged because of our hair or make up. When you wear a headband however, you clear the distraction and people give you a chance and they actually hear what you have to say. If not for the fact they highlight your natural face structure, can be a saviour on a bad hair day and add an element of sophistication to any outfit wear a head band because you want people to finally listen to your voice or show you are proud of yourself and want the whole world to see. Now darlings, go forth and rock your headbands be it like Janet, Hilary, Naomi or Behati.

personally I have taken inspiration from Janet

Stay beautiful because you can,  Jasmine x

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