·         Describe your style
My style is laid back chic; easy going, comfortable with a bit of edge. I don’t put myself in a box sticking with one particular look but whatever I have on I make sure it’s comfortable.
·         How do you think your experiences have shaped your style
My experiences definitely made my style what it is right now, I wasn’t always comfortable in my body and my style has evolved over time as my confidence increased.
·         What do you think your style represents
Hahaha I actually don’t know, I’ve gotten a lot of you dress weird comments also a lot of you are really cool comments but all in all I think it shows I’m true to myself.
·         What do you hope it represents
Well I hope it comes off as a girl who is proud of her culture, confident and happy doing what she does.
·         Is your style an outward expression of inner feelings
Not necessarily, sometimes it’s sometimes it’s not.
·         Where do you get your clothes
Basically everywhere and anywhere, as long as it looks good and I can afford it.
·         Does your style reflect your cultural heritage
Yes, I always try my best to do that.
·         Favourite item in your wardrobe
This is so hard, I would have to go with my palazzo pants, they’re so comfortable and stylish.
·         Style inspirations
Zendaya, Solange, a lot of Instagram accounts (a lot of them).
·         Beauty Secrets
Lipstick makes everything better.

·         Pieces you can’t live without
White shirts, Palazzo pants, Hats, Bandana
·         Pieces you wish you owned
Pant suits in different colours, Chelsea boots, a lot more sleeveless jackets, a khaki cap/hat ( I recently just started craving that lol)
·         What do you think gives your style an iconic factor
This would be the fact I look for new ways to style my clothes, I always try to wear pieces out of the norm we are used to. I’m all for re-rocking clothes in a lot ways giving it life every time I wear it
·         What is the best style advice you’ve ever received
“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone” this came from a good friend.
·         Did you ever struggle with finding yourself style wise
Ha yes there was a time I had no style, I just wore clothes as I saw them then I started getting interested in fashion and floated around till I started finding myself.
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