Describe your style:
Inspired by fashion of the past, incorporated with trainers... All day everyday.

How do you think experiences have shaped your style?
I have always been inspired by the simplicity and effortlessness of French style. Being half French I have always turned to my mother and Aunty for advice on how to put together outfits.

What do you think your style represents?
I think my style represents the merge between urban sports fashion which basically means trainers, trainers, and more trainers and the retro, classic aspect of statements pieces and basics.

What do you hope it represents?
I hope it represents that you don't need to only fall into one category and that its your ability to merge trends that makes your stand and and be unique.

Is your style an outward expression of inner feelings?
Yeah, I would definetly think so. I always try to be different to everyone else, whether it be with my Afro or with a vintage shirt or jacket.

Where do you get your clothes?
I get most of my tops and jumpers from thrift shops because I love oversized clothing but when I comes to jeans and trousers I tend to go to high street brands like topshop, h&m and Zara... But I always in the look out for a trusty thrifters mom Jean!

Does your style reflect your cultural heritage?
I guess so, in terms of the simplicity and classic look from my French side, I would say yes. However it is only recently that I have been exploring my Nigerian Heritage and I am looking into tailoring one or two statement pieces!

Favourite item in your wardrobe?
My tronto police service sweatshirt that I thrifted a few months ago. It's so easy to style and goes with everything!

Style inspirations?
I tend to find inspiration from the YouTube community, such as SamanthaMaria/Beautycrush, Tasha Green both British YouTubers. As wells and NotoriousKIA, she is the queen of thrifting and DIYs, absolutely love her. And a French YouTuber, SheraKerienski; she lives in Paris and has the most amazing Trainer collection and her style is so unique. I would aspire to emulate her style.

Beauty secrets?
Honestly I don't reall delve into the Beauty work that much, I stick to nude nail polish, mascara and maybe a neutral lipstick. I am very simple.
And my biggest secret is L'oreal men's charcoal face wash... Trust me it does wonders.

Pieces you can't live without
I can not live with out my grey suede Reebok classics, my oversized sweatshirts and a trusty Blue demin mom jean... Keep it simple girls.

Pieces you wished you owned?
I am on the look out for pleated cullotes in khaki and black, aswell as a light denim mom Jean. I love jeans. And lastly the new All black Air max 2016s... So beautiful!

What do you think gives your style an iconic factor
Honestly I think it's my hair! I am 100% natural and no matter the occasion, smart, causal etc I always have my afro out.

What is the best style advice you've ever received?
Keep it simple, just because it's in style doesn't mean it's your style.

Did you ever struggle with finding yourself style wise?
Yeah! It's only the past year that I have really begun to explore my individual style. I am being more daring with what I wear and paying less attention to what other people think about how I look.

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