I met Han while volunteering at a hospital and although we wore uniforms through out this period and I couldn't really tell what her style was, she had this aura that radiated cool. She was just so content with herself, never quiet when speaking about issues she was passionate about and she is such a genuine person. I have not known her for very long but I am greatly inspired by her genuine approach to life  and the positive energy she emits.
" I would describe my style as a kind of funky, indie and sometimes vintage kind of vibe. I dress more for comfort than for looks - hence why I hardly wear heels. Being unable to walk in heels properly has stopped me from wearing them unless it's a really fancy occasion! I generally base my style on whatever I can find whenever I go out shopping in malls, charity shops etc - it is not asset style so I am pretty open minded!

I think my style represents, or at least I want it to, freedom for any woman to wear any clothes she desires to make herself feel good about herself. I enjoy boosting my own self esteem with outfits that make me feel good about myself! I do believe that as a person very keen on promoting body positivity and against body/ clothes shaming that my style represents this - I'm not afraid to try new outfits that people may not enjoy but as long as it makes me feel good I'm all for it!

I get my clothes from a varietyof places: charity shops, online stores like ASOS and boohoo, others like new look, H&M, topshop etc! My everyday wear doesn't really reflect my heritage. However, some items of jewelry and some garments I own, such as some trousers as well as afncy traditional wear, do!

My favourite items in my wardrobe change all the time all the time! It's probably my white based patterned jacket rom Zara. My style inspirations aren't really specific people but if I see billboards or store campaigns with outfits I like and would love to try on, I go for that look!

I try not to wear face makeup such as concealer and foundation unless it's an occasion as I don't want to clog my pores! I always go for highlight and mascara!

I can't live without my black leggings. I wish I owned some pieces of the Balmain collection, they're gorgeous! To be honest I think it's my attitude and the way I carry myself. I could wear the most boring outfit ever and carry myself like I'm wearing Givenchy and it makes me feel great!

I think the best advice I've received is just to try channel myself into the clothes I wear. Since my style is ever changing, I don't think I've had a hard time being malleable and switching it up! I enjoy changing things up and trying new things so no, I don't think I struggled to find my style! "

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