Hi darlings,


Being Nigerian black history month as you can imagine is a significant time for me. Don't worry I will not give you a really boring long speech but what I will talk about is fashion. Oh did I get your attention? Of course I did. Enjoy!

Growing up I was lucky enough to live in a country (Nigeria) where fashion was such an important part of society, where we could design our own clothes just to suit our style not anyone else's. Fashion wasn't about our size, it was about being able to create something that we loved! It was perfect! 
That is exactly what I am going to share with you today with the help of my beautiful best friend. She makes a good muse no?

First outfit
This out fit will normally be worn to a ceremony but she has styled it in a more modern way with a normal blouse from a high street shop to bring out the beautiful colours that are perfect for the summer and just scream out FUN!!

Second outfit
Here she created her version of a summer favourite only with amazing patterns and detail for a pefect, chilled day out. 

Outfits designed and custom made for her not available in stores.
Hope you enjoyed this post because it was amazing to write and I loved every moment of it.
Stay fashionable because you can, Jasmine xxx

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