Describe your style:
 * Extremely versatile. I look like a different person everyday. I never like to limit myself to one set style. I love to switch up my looks

How do you think experiences have shaped your style?
 * I'm an actress, so I have experience with being a bunch of different characters. It's the same with my style. I have a totally different style everyday. One day I'd be dressed as a tomboy and girly girl the next.

What do you think your style represents ?
* My style represents power. Everything in my wardrobe is really gaudy and stylish. And it's how I wear it. Best believe, I strut down the block. My head is held high and I am slaying.

What do you hope it represents?
* I'm a big believer in women being able to wear whatever they want without men or anyone manipulating them. A women is not a slut for wearing a short skirt or an outfit that reveals her body. And a woman is dressed up that doesn't mean that she's looking for attention from anyone. "Girl why you so dressed up today? Who you looking good for?" MYSELF!! There's nothing wrong with dressing good for yourself. Believe it or not, when you look good you feel good.

Is your style an outward expression of inner feelings?
 * It definitely is. It represents however I am feeling that day. If I'm feeling a little sad that day, I'll wear all black or something really baggy. And if I'm feeling really good, I'd throw on a fitted dress or some bright colors.

Where do you get your clothes?
 * I shop at a lot of thrift stores. My mother owns her own thrift store so I get all of my exotic pieces from there. I get all of my fitted dresses and sexy little tops from American apparel. For my jewelry, I shop at this little spot on Franklin Ave in Brooklyn. I also cut up a lot of clothing and create some dope pieces myself, when I'm feeling creative.

Does your style reflect your cultural heritage?
* I have a bunch of pieces that reflect my cultural heritage. All of my jewelry are jewelry from the motherland. I'm also Trinidadian and Jamaican so sometimes you can tell I'm from the Caribbean from what I have on.

Favorite item in your wardrobe?
 * My black leather boots, it's adds a hint of sexiness to anything  I wear. And I am 4'11 so it's adds a bit of height to me as well haha!

Style inspirations ?
* The day, season, my hair and how I'm feeling. Those three things inspire the look for the day.

Beauty secrets ?
* Coco butter! Especially in the summer, it gives your face a beautiful and natural glow. Eating healthy is an essential to life as well. Staying fit and working out!!

 Pieces you can't live without ?
* My African jewelry
* Black ripped jeans
* My tan vans
* Fitted dresses

Pieces you wished you owned ?
* Knee high boots
* More sneakers
* Rihanna's new FENTY X PUMA line. Literally everything!

What do you think gives your style an iconic factor?
* There's always one exotic piece in my outfit. Whether it's my shoes, my Jewelry, a hat or a a really dope sweater .

What is the best style advice you've ever received ?
* Wear whatever you want to wear.

 Did you ever struggle with finding yourself style wise ?
* Not at all. When I was younger, I always experimented with different clothing and my mother always used to be like "Girl, you swear you have style, that does not go together" haha! She used to hate my outfits but then after a while she left me alone and she let me develop my own style.

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