Describe your style: modern vintage 

How do you think experiences have shaped your style: I have moved around a lot so I think that's why my style tends to be a little complex.

What do you think your style represents: confidence 

What do you hope it represents: fashion freedom

Is your style an outward expression of inner feelings: I believe it is, I am a very passionate person and I feel strong feelings towards the history of my race and what others think about my race. I have an Afro and I dress in a way to get others attention because I want people to understand that I love who I am, a confident black girl.

Where do you get your clothes: I thrift a lot but I currently work at Topshop so I buy a lot of clothes from there too.

Does your style reflect your cultural heritage: not really, some aspects of my style like my jewelry and my hair are sometimes cultural but my wardrobe is universal.

Favourite item in your wardrobe: I can't live without my denim jacket.

Style inspirations: I love Kanye, Julia Sarr Jamois, and Solange Knowels.

Beauty secrets: I use biore pore refining facial scrub in the am and black soap in the pm. Raw shea butter as a moisturizer is a must. I use coconut oil and cantu cream for my hair. 

Pieces you can't live without: my old jean jacket, black calf socks, a turtleneck, and long coats.

Pieces you wished you owned: I need a long denim duster.

What do you think gives your style an iconic factor: I'll try anything style wise, most people who like my outfits tell me they would never have tried something like it but "it looks good on you" and I couldn't tell if that was compliment but I realized when I shop I go for the most unique garment I can find.

What is the best style advice you've ever received: "wear an all black outfit with pink socks".

Did you ever struggle with finding yourself style wise: I have always been confident in my style but looking back at past trends I see major red flags.

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