Describe your style?

Honestly this isn't the easiest thing to answer only because I do enjoy changing it up whenever I get bored but if I were to go off from what I wear the most I'd say I dress smart casual and with that I usually stick to colour or patterns, sometimes both but when I want to blend in and keep my head down (exam season) I tend to stick to colour more to have a minimalist look

How do you think experiences have shaped your style?

I'd definitely say my friends used to influence what I wear in the past but now it's whatever I like and pin on my Pinterest that shapes what I wear, oh and fashion photography.  Working with a stylist has definitely taught me a few things about not over or under doing a look.

What do you think your style represents?

I'd say it  is another representation of my expression and mannerisms.

What do you hope it represents?

I hope it represents a knowledgeable, confident and approachable girl.

Is your style an outward expression of inner feelings?
I'd say it's about 50/50 sometimes it does and other times it does not.

Where do you get your clothes?
I mainly shop at Primark a lot, Bershka, Stradivarius, H&M. Asos and I enjoy thrifting.

Does your style reflect your cultural heritage?
Only when I wear head-wraps or African prints.

Favourite item in your wardrobe?
My Jumpsuit from asos, it's a lovely magenta colour of the darker shade so could possibly be a jam colour.

Style inspirations?

There's this model called Natasha Bisous while most the things she wears are out of my price range the outfits she wears are always classy and another is Zendaya, like me she changes up her style all the time and always rocks it too I feel like she's eventually going to become everyone's style goals purely because she dresses fabulously and never goes half way, she's not afraid to wear a look even if people talk! And if they do she's unafraid to speak up if whatever was said is offensive and in doing so she's giving so much confidence to black females, kids especially.

Beauty secrets?

Drink lemon water every morning and wait 30minutes before eating and try to remember what you eat will effect your skin especially if you are on holiday (guilty).

Pieces you can't live without?
Currently I reaally want a pair of heeled boots, their a navy blue crushed velvet.

What do you think gives your style an iconic factor?

I won't lie sometimes I've had epic outfit fails but I truly think it's all about the confidence to try something new, if you wear the same thing all the time or like everyone else that just makes you another sheep, which isn't a terrible thing but 'icons' tend to stand out.

What is the best style advice you've ever received?

Make sure you have the basics before you try to create your own style!

Did you ever struggle with finding yourself style wise?
Yes a lot when I was younger but now I'm way more comfortable with the way I dress.

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