Hi darlings,

Well there goes one new years resolution blown away!
Oh wait, I actually never made it one this year, thank goodness because there is no way I would have stuck to it anyway seeing as I haven't.
Lets back track a little bit and hopefully all shall be clear. So a new year resolution to myself was to make blogging a priority in my life and make a commitment each week to share a part of my life. I know cute (right?)
All clear? 
Last week, I failed woefully.
Well technically I didn't really fail but I did at the same time. My original plan was to explore my growing knack for photography by taking pictures of the snow on London's great architecture. However, the snow didn't settle, you can imagine my disappointment.
Anyway, here I am in the flesh figuratively, tired as a result of the stress that that the British education system impounds on 16 year old's doing their A-levels. If you are anything like me (still studying I mean) here is a list of things you need to add to your life to maintain an element of sanity in it.

A journal
Books (personal favourites are gossip girl and mortal instruments)
Music (you can view my spotify January playlist here

Stay beautiful because you can, loads of love Jasmine x

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