Hi darlings
I have been trying to incorporate minimalism into my life, whatever way I can. My bedroom is predominantly neutral. I own less clothing ( there is really no need to have a blue high waisted pair of jeans, blue crop jeans, blue ripped jeans, really a blue high waist jean that is ripped yet high waisted and can be folded will do, catch my drift?). It is a really good way to live I find, pus you spend far less money on things you really don't need. t might mean spending more to buy just one item that will last you 20 light years instead of 20 you know you need to change constantly.
Anyway, that is all beside the point, which is believe it or not a makeup look. I know right? I of all people m giving advice on makeup - my, my- we must have found ourselves in a parallel universe.
In recent times I have found myself appreciating makeup just a little bit more. I mean I have always used lip products because I have been told that my lips are my best feature and I always want to keep that looking as ice as possible so I don't look like I just got off the set of walking dead. However, I have expanded my horizons, and discovered fancy pens that that make my eyes look larger and brighter, wands of colour that duplicate lash length and volume, and balms that make your skin amazing ( no other words can really describe what it does). Makeup like I have come to learn is not necessarily bad, as long as you don't wear too much (I mean if that is your look and you can pull it off, knock yourself out) because you look like yourself but on a very good day.
For minimalists ( well wannabe in my case) like myself here is an easy makeup look that I wear I the winter.
(you can click on these items to purchase them)
These products are quite user friendly and hassle free so you should not have a problem with them.
 The BB cream is light and it gives coverage while treating your skin at the same time. Which in my opinion makes it two times better for my skin than foundation. It also has spf which I tend to get complacent about when it gets colder.
I like the combined effect of a thin layer of eyeliner and one coat of mascara because I feel they work together to make my eyes brighter which definitely helps in the winter when I tend to look a lot like a zombie on most days.
I am a firm believer of focusing on one feature and I chose my eyes so I just used this lip perfector to maintain my lips natural shade while enhancing it delicately without overpowering my eyes.
                  And here is the result...

shout out to my towel in the background

I hope this was useful in any way and I would love to hear your opinions on how it  can be improved and products you recommend.
Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

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