Hot right now!!!!


I love them. I love them. I love them!!!!!
My dress sense is a cross between classy and tom boy with a sprinkle of geeky goodness :)
So naturally I am in love with these because they instantly make a boring outfit sophisticated at the same time giving it a flawless and effortless touch. Perfect! So because I am amazing *hair flip* I of course found you some beautiful kimonos!!

Danka Daisy Print Maxi Shirt
Danka daisy maxi shirt from £24.99
This is not even a kimono but when I laid eyes on it I could't help but swoon because it is:beau!! It is perfect for the summer and I would definitely wear it how the model is wearing it and it is lovely for the beach with a bathing suit underneath. I would also try wearing a brightly colored maxi dress underneath like this maxi dress from for £10.00 Laura Racer Back Maxi Dress

Arletha Bohemian Print Fringed Kimono
Bohemian print fringe kimono from for £24.99. I would wear this almost exactly how the it s worn by the model. Only instead I would wear a t-shirt, I would tuck the t-shirt into the high waisted shorts or I would simply tie the t-shirt to the side for a cool tomboy vibe. Cara Fedora Hat

I would top it all with a fedora hat like this one from accesorize for £29.99.

Vivette Floral Embroidered Organza Kimono With Fringe Detail

Floral embroided kimono with fringe detail from for £24.99. I particularly love this kimono because it is unusual for a fringed kimono;it subtle and beautiful. I would wear this with pastel and light colors for the perfect summer outfit.

Black Pattern (Black) Black Paisley Print Chiffon Kimono | 318821209 | New Look

Print chiffon kimono from new look for £19.99

Blue Pattern (Blue) Blue Aztec Print Pom Pom Hem Kimono | 319432749 | New Look

Aztec print kimono from new look for £19.99

I love the chiffon and Aztec print kimonos because they can easily replace the role of our casual blazers. I would wear these with ripped jeans and a t-shirt or high waisted skinny jeans and a crop top. Try these out and tweet me the pictures @unefillemordern 
I also want to see different ways you style your kimono so tweet me or leave me a comment, thanks it will mean a lot!

Stay glamorous because you can, loads of love crazy jay xxx


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