Hi darlings,

Alright. I know I have not been updating as regularly as I would have liked and like every time i make a stupid mistake I apologize. The difference this time is that I am making up for it by involving you in an activity. Prepare to be blown away, wooooosh ( If you hadn't already guessed that is the sound of the waves blowing you away)

OK so you'll need a bunch of stuff
1 A mirror
2  A piece of paper
3 A pen

When you've got that all you need to do is
1 Look at yourself in the mirror
2 Write down what you do not like about yourself
3 Then ask yourself why?
Be completely honest. Is it because society does not like it? is it because you feel less attractive because of it? or you are just trying to please everyone but yourself?
You might say it is not perfect; how do you know what perfect is? Actually what is perfect? You really want to know? NOTHING!!!
There is nothing in the world that should make you like yourself less. Remember you were born to be real, not perfect because there is nothing like perfect. Then to number 4
4 Cross out what you wrote about yourself in number 2 and make it a goal every day of your life to learn to appreciate it and love it! Only when you love yourself entirely will you be able to stand tall, head held high and believe in who you are.


Stay strong because you are, loads of love crazy jay xxx

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