Lets get creative!


Hi darlings,
                       HOW TO MAKE A KIMONO.

I apologize for the irregularity of my blog posts but I am quite sick at the moment and I've literally been bed bound for a while so  I was unable to upload. However, I am turning on my semi-sick creative side and sharing how to make one of this seasons greatest trends and a personal favorite: kimonos!

What you will need:
Just a square large scarf

Tie two ends into a knot as seen bellow

The knot should have created a hole in your scarf as seen below.
Repeat the process on the other side of your scarf.

And you just made yourself a cute kimono that can be your greatest summer accessory! Going to the beach or out with friends this summer? KIMONO IT!!! Spice any look this summer with your kimono and wear it with pride because YOU made it!

Stay lovely because you are, loads of love crazy jay xxx

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