My TMI tag!


Hi darlings,

In attempt to get you all to know me more I'm doing the TMI tag, so enjoy!!

Where were you 3 hours ago?
I was home I've been home all day.
nope, none I can think of at the moment
Bad habits?
poking people for no reason
Favourite colour?
What colour is your toothbrush
Purple and silver
Can you drive?
No I'm 16 and not allowed to drive in the UK #teenissues
9th may
Where do I begin, green tea, dark chocolate, white chocolate, shopping, sleeping, watching TV e.t.c
Pet peeves
People who smoke with children around them...aaaaagggrhh!
Last person you hugged 
My mum this morning
Zodiac sign Taurus
Something you miss
Plantain,its lie a big banana its so nice.
What song is stuck in your head at the moment 
The theme song for two broke girls because I'm watching it at the moment
Eye colour
Deep brown or poop brown lie I call it ;)
What part of the world do you live in
Europe, england
Favourite quote
I dont care what you think about me i dont think about you at all- coco chanel
A place you would like to visit
Venice italy
Do you like our name
love it!
What is your favourite season
Spring! Love it soooo much! Everything comes alive in spring it is soo beautiful
something you are excited for
Shopping with my best friends
how long does it take you to get ready
45 minutes minimum lol!
Biggest fear
its a secret...shhhh
favourite band
Favourite animal
Favourite person
My mum! Love her so much.
One food you hate
Favourite movies
At the moment zapped...haha yes I still watch Disney. Also transformers age of extinction it was awesome go see it!
An all time favourite is Breakfast at Tiffany's! Also the bio pic of Coco Chanel's life
Do you get grossed out easily
Nope...well it depends.
Relationshp status
Single baby!

Hope you all like this and feel free to answer any questions.

Stay amazing because you are, loads of love crazy jay xxx

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