Hi darlings,

My favourite quote

Something I have come to learn about myself is that I am easily inspired and quite frankly I love that. I am happy I am this sort of person because regardless of the annoying things that happen in life on a daily basis I can look at something simple and smile. I don't think its something I was born with, it was just something I had to train myself to do. I recommend you do as well because in the world we live in where people no longer consider others in whatever they do its easy to loose your head but trust me you shouldn't because a head like yours is too gorgeous to go (remember that). 

This quote really helps me deal with (for lack of a better word) haters because when you really think about it, their nasty comments (trust me I would know) only bother you because you think about it. Simple solution: DON'T. You should never let their irrelevant words get to you because 
"Great minds discuss ideas,
 mediocre minds discuss events and
 simple minds discuss people"- ELEANOR ROOSEVELT
 your mind is too great to be affected by what simple and mediocre minds think.

Stay great and inspired because you are, loads of love cray jay xxx

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  1. I love this quote, I have quite a few quotes saved onto my phone which I look at the help me feel motivated

    1. Hi Jess! Thanks for reading. Such a great idea definitely saving some to my phone! A cool place to get more quotes is we heart it❤ . Stay motivated and inspired loads of love Jasmine xxx