Lets get healthy


Hi darlings,

Easy doesn't always mean bad.

Since the holidays are soon coming to a close I decided it was time to get back in shape. Hey don't judge me, everyone had one too many pizzas, hot dogs and hamburgers this summer! With that in mind I will be sharing my top easy tips to get back in shape. The great  thing about these tips is you don't  even have to do much! Great right?

 A good nights sleep you are guaranteed to get back in shape. Why? Sleep releases two hormones we need (didn't want to turn this into a science lecture) One tells us when to eat so when we are tired we have a lot more of it than usual. The other tells us when to stop eating but when we are tired we produce less. Sleeping is the easiest diet tip so take advantage of it, eight hours of sleep is necessary. Its called beauty sleep for a reason.


Drinking water is important for our bodies to function properly and cleanse. Drinking loads of water is an easy way to burn calories and speed p your metabolism. Drink at lest two litres of water a day to get back in shape!

Stay fit because you can, loads of love crazy jay xxx

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