Hi darlings,

I have always thought of myself as a radical, well liked the idea but in reality I abide to rules to a fault. Anyway, radicalism is not for everyone well as far as being the cool and fiercely out spoken goes. However, fashion has given a platform to express this fierceness and never being one to back down from a challenge I have taken it up. I radicalised denim.

It was an easy choice as denim is a wardrobe staple and can be worn in any form. I feel that there are negative connotations associated with it and most people don't think it can be classy well I hope I proved you wrong especially since I topped it up with red lipstick. Would you wear it?

Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

Denim radical

Office blue pumps

Kate spade handbag
£175 -

Majorica jewelry
£225 -

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics lips makeup
£17 -

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