New plans


Hi darlings!
My post starting now will be a lot shorter, I understand you didn't even think it was possible but what can I say, I always leave some element of surprise in everything I do *dramatic hair flip* 
Alright, jokes aside. 
School is beginning again (tomorrow actually) and I need to be a lot more focused and goal oriented this year because it's a pretty big one. 
I am not pleased with my track record of leaving my blog hanging for months on end. I have come up with a solution : street style outfits and wish lists. These will be posts that don't require excessive planning in advance but just me taking pictures of my day to day street styleand compiling it into one post. It sounds a bit complicated but you'll understand when the first instalment goes live on Sunday.

I must warn you, these posts will not have the greatest quality, you probably won't see my face in all of them because they'll all be taken by me. I know this academic year will be difficult but I also know I can't bombard myself with work so I need an outlet which will be reaching a screen near you every Sunday. I'm excited I hope you are too! Yay! Until next time,

Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

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