Hi darlings,
I want to talk about fears or as the title says :worries.

I have so many fears, ranging from my fear of ants to my mind numbing fear of heights - I'm scared of a lot of things and I bet you are too. What I have come to learn about fear is: it is a lot more bearable when it is physical, when you can fight it head on and know you have conquered it.

 "and become a stronger, better     version of myself"

This leaves emotional fears which in my opinion are the worst (emphasis on worst) 

You are afraid or worried about something you can't see or feel but  it still scares the crap out of you and you are completely unprepared and have no way of handling it. I hate it. And even though I would really like to act brace all the time I can not deny the fact that I worry a lot about a lot of things. I know society tells me to be fearless and never let anything hold me down, I (we all ) need to remember that I'm human and it is only by being scared, that I can overcome this fear and become a stronger, better version of myself. 
Without these worries I will never grow and I will never push myself and that idea of being stuck and held down by my worries scares me and I'd rather face these fears that lead to development than be stuck in limbo forever crippled by fear.

Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

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