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I am excited to bring you this collaborative post I did with one of my favourite blogs new lune and being the beauty goddess that she is it was only fit to ask for beauty advice. So here are her *drum roll * top 5 beauty products, enjoy!
Read to the end to get to know a bit about her as she answers questions about herself.
Hey Loves!

I hope you're having an amazing day so far, I'm New Lune and today I came back with my top 5 beauty products! If you're interested then just keep on reading! ;)

1. Revlon Colorstay foundation


My first beauty product I'm going to feature is the Revlon Colorstay foundation, it was my holygrail foundation of 2015 and if you have dry skin (as I do) then this product is the perfect one! The consistency and texture is amazing, it always gives me a smooth finish on the skin and it hydrates my skin which is one of the reasons why I love this foundation so much! It's pretty similar to Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation but obviously when looking at the price range, it's completely contrasting. So if you're looking for a foundation to wear this winter then this is the one to grab!

2. Real Techniques Brushes

Another product that I've been loving and I would recommend to any of my friends is the Real Techniques Brushes, there aren't enough words to express how amazing these brushes are! You can never find good quality brushes from the drugstore at this price point.

3. Essence Gel nail polish

I paint my nails every week, it's a weekly routine of mine so I always tend to go and grab the same brands when it comes to nail polishes and the reason why is I can't find good quality of nail polishes with the finish I want but I've found a very affordable nail polish brand and it's from the drugstore which is the Essence Gel Nail Polish! Let me tell you, the quality, opacity, texture is amazing and you'll be so impressed with the price point because it's so cheap and affordable.

4. Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes

If you follow me on any of my social medias (which you definitely should), you know that my go-to brand when it comes to eye shadows palettes are from Makeup Revolution. I bought so many palettes which is completely insane, the quality and pigmentation of these palettes are amazing! You can never find such good products from the drugstore at such an affordable price range so make sure to check it out next time you go to your local drugstore!

5. NYC Liquid Eyeliner

Last but not the least, my go to eyeliner product from 2015 was definitely the NYC Liquid Eyeliner, I'm pretty sure you have heard other bloggers and youtubers talk about this product and it's completely one of the best eyeliners on the market. You can create the prefect and finest winged eyeliner with the brush applicator. It gives a prefect black matte finish.

I hope you have liked this post, let me know what you think of these products and if you have any beauty products to recommend me then comment down! 
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7 questions with new lune's author
What is the inspiration behind your blog?
My blog is focused mainly on beauty, and I was mostly inspired from other beauty gurus in the YouTube community. After I had moved to the UK, I received my iPhone 4 and that's when the "sparkles" started to appear. I downloaded the app called Beautylish and discovered this amazing world of beauty/makeup. I was so fascinated and mesmerised of this world where people could express themselves through this creativity that's when I realised I had a passion for beauty.

What moment(s) led you to start your blog?
There weren't any specific moments in particular, I was always attracted of the blogging world and I really liked the idea of having a platform to express ourselves and raise awareness to issues. So one day during my summer holidays I was like "why not? I can do this" and that's how I started my blog! 

One food that sums up your happiness?
I don't have any specific foods in general, I'm not really a "foodie". However I LOVE spicy foods! I have been eating and loving Indian food since I moved in the UK, my friends recommended me to try out Mexican food but I never tried it out.. If you have any food recommendations, let me know I would love to find out and try them out! :)

What do you do to take your mind off things?
I don't really do anything special or go somewhere. I always do my same routine as usual... I might go and watch some YouTube videos, they always entertain me 😆

Do you like compliments? 
I would lie if I say no, but really that's a wonderful thing when someone compliments you it really means they take the time to appreciate you. Personally, I love giving compliments to other people, I feel sharing positive vibes and energy around me but at the same time I always feel awkward when somebody compliments me, I don't know how to react to be honest but in my mind I'm like "bless you and your family"! 

If you could own just one thing in the world, what would it be?
If I could own just one thing in the world, it would be peace. That's one of the biggest gift to ever have, to sleep, live, stay peacefully. Apart from that I don't have any materialistic things that I want to have, I always feel content with what I have. 

Secret talents?
I don't know I can't think of one... I can write with both hands (left and right) does it count as a secret talent?

I hope you all enjoyed this post, big thank you to new lune and o heck out the post I did about double cleansing on her blog!

Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

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