Hi darlings,

Today I would like to talk about someone very close to my heart.

A dear friend of mine is turning 19 tomorrow.
We have been friends for quite a bit now and I'd just like to tell her thank you.
I never tell her thank you because her head is already big enough, but as it is her birthday in a few hours, it is not so bad.
Thank you for being my friend when most people thought I was annoying, spoilt or irritating.
Thank you for being there even when people spread rumors about me that weren't true.
Thank you for showing me what honesty and strength are.
Thank you for putting up with immature Jasmine and helping her grow.
Thank you for being the truest version of yourself and inspiring me to do the same.
Thank you most importantly for showing me that we can love people we meet by chance in a way many reserve for those they share blood with.
You Faith, Unoma and Tessy loved me at a time I struggled to love myself and I will love you forever for it.

I'd also like to add that Ogaga and I in boarding school were teased a lot for being "too skinny" and looking "weird" but regardless of the insecurity that people had tried to instil in her, she found great strength from within to go after modelling regardless of what people think and for this I am beyond proud of her.
Not only for her bravery but because she is excelling at it.

Happy birthday love, stay golden because you are!
Jasmine x

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