Hi darlings!

How are you doing this week? I have had a particularly rough week but I am alright and looking for a positive side in everything. Anyway I digress, as you probably know from my last quarterly favourite's post I am in love with sheet masks! I like my skin hydrated at all times and sheet masks are the only products aside from moisturisers in my opinion that actually hydrate my skin to my level of satisfaction. I started using them about 5 months ago and have noticed amazing results.

Most of the masks I used however, were form Korean brands as these masks originated from there. This made them a little difficult to buy, you can still get them when you want but not as easily from your local cosmetic store, until now that is.
As you can imagine I was quite excited when I found affordable, promising sheet masks at my local Boots and I had to try them out. I will review tis mask based on 3 factors:

It is inexpensive going for £1.50 a sheet which seems unreasonable at first until you realise that it replaces 7 serum applications in your skincare routine and serums are not the cheapest skin care item.

As I mentioned previously it is widely available in most cosmetic stores.

In comparison to previous masks the results are not amazing. There is a reasonable level of hydration and my skin feels softer. I did not get the sheet mask glow I was accustomed to. There is little variety with the product because previously as well as hydrating I could be increasing the level of vitamin c to reduce  eye bags or collagen for antiaging whereas with this  feel as I am only getting half of my money's worth. In conclusion it is a decent product but I have been spoiled with better products. I recommend it because it is easy to get and does an alright job. It should be noted that I have used this product for less than a week and if further results are noticed they will be included, although I highly doubt it as the product promises instant results.

I give this product 3 out of 5

Stay beautiful because you are, Jasmine x

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