Hi darlings,

Over these summer months I was using minimal products, with the sun who needs a faux dewy glow, especially when you can easily get the real deal. But as September drew near I started investing in ways to keep my skin hydrated because as all my dry skin buddies know, winter is more foe than friend. This drying effect is particularly unforgiving to my lips and leaves them dry and chapped and you will see in this post that a lot of what I have enjoyed using are lip care products because chapped lips is never cute.  

Boots lip salve 
This acts as a good moisturising base without the oily/shiny residue of Vaseline. It also has spf to protect my lips which sadly is something I always forget to do. Plus it is half the price of Carmex which does the exact same thing.

Natural collection lip stick and liner 
This is one of those products that reassures you that good makeup doesn't have to be expensive. It is a beautiful, autumnal colour with long staying power. No unnecessary fancy packaging just a simple but effective product.  I know I'm technically not allowed to pick favourites in my favourite but this will definitely be it.

Clinique chubby stick in rosiest rose
This product I feel exemplifies what I require in makeup: functional and multitask able (is that a word? Who knows?). It's something I've kept in my bag everyday since I got it because I know I can rely on it as a lip balm, lipstick, cheek or eye tint depending on the situation I find myself in. It is amazing quality and gas lasted me for a very long time and I definitely recommend it. 

Sheet mask 
This product will take your skincare routine to the next level. I know everyone says that about every new addition to their skincare routine but sheet masks give a new meaning to moisture. Your skin feels completely different after using it and honestly the best way to see this is to use one for yourself. I can't really recommend a particular one because I use different ones as long as they are made in Korea because they originated in Korea (most research regarding the product has been done there). Garnier, however, came out with a product that promises the same result which I am yet to try and you can find here.  

Clear start pore control scrub 
As you all know, I'm a big dermalogica fan as I believe this brand saved my skin when it was at its worst. I have unsurprisingly added another product by them to my arsenal. This scrub does exactly what it says it will do, you don't get amazing results immediately but with continual use your skin feels better and even when you are not using it your skin feels protected against acne and really this is all I need. 

Barry m nail vanish 
There is nothing special about this nail polish but I have been in love with glitter nail varnishes of recent. Mainly because I'm at university now and I have very little spare time to actually polish my nails properly and using glitter gives the desired effect with minimum effort and who doesn't love that? 
Rimmel London "oh my gloss"
Rimmel London "oh my gloss" 
I tend to like a more dewy finish when ever I wear makeup and all the lip products mentioned above tend to have a matte finish which I personally find unflattering. I've been using this lip product on top of all my lipsticks and liners and it gives a glossy finish that isn't sticky. It doesn't last 12 hours as the packaging leads us to believe but it has a decent staying power for its price. 

Those are all the products I have enjoyed using in this past quarter. I hope this helps in anyway.

Stay beautiful because you are, Jasmine x

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