Hi darlings,

Just before my exams began, I made a list of places in London I wanted to go to and a list of foreign cuisines I wanted to try. It served as a form of motivation  because it was a form of reward to myself for working really hard, all year long. Soho was at the top of my list because it had a cute Korean restaurant I have wanted to try for some time and it had an exciting atmosphere to it.


Tottenham Court Road Station

After a series of delays and train cancellations I finally arrived at Tottenham Court Road station 2 hours later than planned.

Bibimbap soho

For a while I have wanted to try Korean food and  had read quite good reviews about Bibbimbap in Soho and I decided to give it a go. The food was amazing, the staff were really sweet, the atmosphere was relaxed. The interior design was my favourite thing because it gave a glimpse into Korean culture as there were posters of Korean movies everywhere in the store and tiny aspects of culture littered around the restaurant. It was inexpensive and will definitely revisit and recommend you give them a visit whenever you are in the neighbourhood.

Lick Sorbet and gelato

Post bibimbap we were on the hunt for dessert and seeing as it was the hottest day of the year so far sorbets and gelato were definitely on our radar. We decided to go into Lick and I had a 3 tiered sorbet which was absolutely delicious!

Soho square

Jumpsuit- Tkmaxx
Shoes- Calvin Klein
At the end of the day we sat in the square for a bit and had conversations from Malcom x to sheet masks and the best angle to take a selfie. I am grateful to my friends for a lovely time and to London for finally being sunny.

Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

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