A few months ago, my face started getting quite oily. Prior to that to that I had had my combination skin under control for a while but suddenly the oil came out of nowhere and I was going through 5-6 blotting sheets a day. I went to see my dermatologist ( I can't stress how important it is to see a professional when having problems with your skin) and she recommended a water based moisturiser because not using enough moisturiser causes your skin to overproduce oil which may result in acne and an oily face which no one likes.

I decided to get La Roche Posay because I had used its thermal water and I  was impressed. It is the most hydrating moisturiser I have ever used and it leaves my skin completely oil free. As a result of this my acne has reduced and my skin feels amazing. It also makes skin so smooth, you do not require a primer post application when I want to wear makeup. I would definitely recommend this and I have just purchased my second moisturiser after 3 months. It is definitely on the fast track to being an all time favourite of mine.
Stay beautiful because you can, Jasmine x

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