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A lot of people feel journaling is for kids and when you become a teenager it is "uncool" to have a journal. However, journaling is an amazing way to vent out all your negative energy you might feel, for example: when in an argument, when you are simply having a bad day or just want to express your feelings. Its a cool way to create your little haven where you can express yourself in whatever way you want without being judged which if you live in the 21st century is a huge relief! I love journaling and I can guarantee it will help.


The amazing thing about journals is that you can customize them to fit you! Check out this cool idea. All you'll need is some pictures, scissors and glue and tada!you'll have a super amazing journal.

Wreck this journal 😍😍 so proud
The great thing about journals is sometimes you don't even need to write, you can just be creative, draw, design and be you!

You can buy journals any and every where! I would really love to see how you are using your journals positively, so if you do get a journal please take a picture and tweet me @unefillemordern
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Stay inspired because you can, loads of love crazy jay xxx

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