Fashion + I


      Hi darlings,

Why I love fashion.

I tell everyone I love fashion and I am a fashionista. Immediately they think I am vain and materialistic. They couldn't be further from the truth.
Fashion to me is self expression, self acceptance and self love.
Every human being has imperfections. No one is flawless but with fashion I am able to accept my inadequacies and find means to turn what everyone would have considered a flaw into the exact 

Through fashion when I walk into a room before I introduce myself you have an idea who I am because with fashion I can take a piece of clothing and change it into me! And there is no greater feeling. 

My moods can be expressed. In all honesty everything about me can and I love that!

I love fashion, I am proud to be a fashionista because that means I am proud to be me!

Tell me what fashion means to you, tell me something that allows you to be you like it allows me. Remember never be ashamed of who you are; you are beautiful and the world is lucky to have you :-)

Stay fashionable and inspired because you can, loads of love Crazy jay xxx 

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