Lets get creative


Hi darlings,

Scrap book ideas

What you will need

Your chosen scrap book
some colored markers ( I used sharpies)
Pictures, stickers or whatever you want in your scrap book

Identify the page you will like to design.

Step 2
Design the page.
For mine I used various patterns and designs I like and things that inspire me. For example my favorite cities, celebrities, designers e.t.c I also have some quotes from "the fault in our stars"  music patterns e.t.c.
When designing this I think you should do the first things that comes into your head. Be creative! Go wild!

 Step 3
Color it in! Add pictures,stickers and a little bit of personality. Make it yours!

Hope this inspires you to make some cool scrap books or even designs for anything, lockers, posters e.t.c. If you do please send me the picture via twitter @unefillemordern. 
Will love to hear from you, don't forget to follow and comment.

Stay innovative because you can, loads of love crazy jay xxx

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